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Prevention of vibration and noise during installation The light transmission method is to select the strong perspective of the light source to the small round hole, and the system conducts the judging inspection method for the rigorous level of the spiral duct. The experimental method is to use a shielded electric bulb with a working voltage of not higher than 36V and an output power of about 100W on the spiral duct in a dark natural environment, which must be long and short. One side of the air duct is slowly adjusted to the other end. If the light source can be observed outside the spiral duct during the experiment, it indicates that the stainless steel duct has leaks, and repairs are carried out on the ventilation part of the spiral duct.
  ① When installing the centrifugal fan, set up the damping equipment according to the layout regulations or the construction process regulations.
  ②The centrifugal fan and the spiral duct are connected by plastic hoses. The plastic hoses of the centrifugal fan suction port must be installed tightly and properly to prevent the soft connection from reducing the total area of ​​the air inlet and causing noise and vibration.
  ③The spiral wind control is made, installed and connected with the components, and the connection is tight and there is no ventilation condition to prevent ventilation noise.
  ④ In order to avoid the vibration of the spiral duct, a support frame is set at the corner of the stainless steel duct of the system software, and at the junction with the exhaust fan and the air outlet.
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