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Hydraulic Folder

Product Numbers: WY4.5*2000/W62*Y3*2500B

Price: US $chatting face to face

Product description:The folder has a welded steel frame and has a vibration treated material to reduce internal stress. Thus it is durable, rigid and difficult to deform. The machine is fully hydraulic controlled, quiet and easy to operate. It is suitable for box type products with its split sectional clampers. Maximum opening is up to 200mm, upper clamper auto retraction and fast angle adjustment is available. It is specially suitable for use in the kitchen ware, hardware and furniture making industry. duct connector equipment duct connector machine ATM 350 duct equipment duct machine tube equipment pipe equipment air duct equipment air duct machine duct manufacturing equipment flexible duct connector hvac flexible duct connector flexible connector equipment duct connector machine ATM 350 ductmate=TDC flange forming machine ductmate flange TDC flange forming machine T20,T30,T35 tubeformer tube forming machine ductformer duct forming machine ATM 350 ATM 300 ATM 600 ATM 500 ATM 1500 ATM 150 DCP 1000 ductmate duct mate ductmachine duct machinery tube machinery tube machine ductconnector duct connector laser cut machine laser machine laser cutter machine fiber laser machine buy laser cutting machine hvac duct hvac ducting spiral duct machine hvac duct insulation hvac duct connections roll form machine roll forming machine purlin roll forming machine duct forming machine duct making machine ducting machine duct machines hvac duct machine air duct machine lock forming machine pittsburgh lock machine lock seamer machine tdc 20 tdc 30 tdf 12

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