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Partial view

1. Cross sea longitudinal seam and horizontal and vertical seam.
2. The speed of welding is quick and the efficiency of welding is high.
3. According to the clients' demand, set the function of continuous weld and pulse weld.
4. Equipped with a high reliability control box
5. The welding speed can be regulated continuously.
6. Suitable for the site for welding airproof vesse

Technical Data

Type SBFN-35 SBFN-55 SBFN-75 SBFN-100
Thickness 0.4-1.0mm 0.4-1.2mm 0.4-1.5mm 0.4-2.0mm
Max. input capacity 45KVA 55KVA 75KVA 110KVA
Max. short circuit current 6200A 11000A 16000A 26000A
Max. pressure of electrode 400KGF 600KGF 1000KGF 1000KGF
The flow of cooling water 6L/min 6L/min 8L/min 8L/min
Arm length 600mm 600mm 600mm 600mm
Electrode journey 80mm 80mm 80mm 80mm
Working speed 0.5-3m/min 0.5-3m/min 0.5-3m/min 0.5-3m/min
Weight 328Kg 378Kg 428Kg 478Kg
Dimension 1800×610×1930mm 1800×610×1930mm 1800×610×1930mm 1800×610×1930mm
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