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Seam Closing Machine

Performs burring,edging,elbowing,flanging,flattening and turning.
Adjustable roll pressure by means of top mounted hand crank.
Can be used in both forward and reverse.
Long throat makes unit nighly versatile.
Operations is smooth,fast and precise.
Table mount with clamp is standard.
6 interchangeable rolls with 27/32″I.D.
Additional rolls available.

Technical Data

Cutting Capacity 22Gage(0.8 mm)
Distance Between Shaft Centers 2″(50.8 mm)
Depth of Throat to Frame 7″(178 mm)
Weight N.W. 29 kg
G.W. 32 kg
Overall Dimensions 540×510×250 mm
Packing Measurement 540×510×250 mm

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