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Spiral Tubeformer SBTF-2020

Partial view

1. Slitter / plasma cutting of the tubes to the preset length and required number of pieces.
2. The cut to length is made by the patented slitter (no noise, no hot sparks created by the saw blade, no leaning of the cut edge). Modern industrial proof computer control.
3. The electric drive ensures that even by using 2.0 mm strip coil the 2020 continually produces perfect, tight spiral tubes matching or surpassing the standards of DIN, BS, Euronorm and Smacna  
4. The perfect adapted options for making reinforcement beads, for the production of tendon sheet tubes or the automatic production of notches for the METU flanges, during the production process are further advantages of the tubeformer 2020.
5. 2020 is the only machine for the fastidious costumer.


Technical data

Diameter ¢80 – ¢2500mm
Thickness of strip Galvanized steel 0.4-2.0mm
Stainless steel 0.4-1.2mm
Aluminum 0.4-2.0mm
Width of strip Standard 137mm 0.4-1.0 mm
Standard 140mm 1.1-1.3 mm
Standard 150mm 1.4-2.0 mm
Cutting system Slitting cutter / Plasma cutter
Power 22Kw
Weight 3200kg
Dimension Main machine 2100×1800×1500mm
Decoiler 1780*1130*1250mm
Run-out table 2700*950*1200mm

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