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Spiral Tubeformer SBTF-1500

Partial view
1. Special mould for various tube diameters, very easy to change and adjust, no need crane or too much manpower
2. Large diameter range
3. High speed synchro flying cutting system
4. PLC control, convenient operation
5. Light and small, site work
6. Perfect swage, without leakage

Technical data:

Diameter ¢80 mm – ¢1500mm
Thickness of strip Galvanized steel 0.4 -1.2mm
Stainless steel 0.4-0.8mm
Width of strip Standard 137mm 
Working speed 1-38m/min
Lock seam Outside lock seam, on the inside on request
Power Mainframe 5.5Kw
Cutting power 4Kw
Weight 1708kg
Dimension 2700 mm×1560 mm×1950mm

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