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Laser cutting machine laser perforation size and its control precision

(1) the aperture size control using small divergence Angle of laser (0.001 ~ 0.003 rad), shorter focal length or reduce the output energy of small aperture can be obtained. For high melting point. Good thermal conductivity materials can be realized aperture 0.01 ~ 1 mm small hole machining, the minimum diameter of 0.001 mm.

(2) the depth of the hole Improve the laser output energy, adopt reasonable pulse width (materials and thermal conductivity, the better, the shorter the YiQu pulse width), model application base model (single-mode light intensity is a gaussian distribution) big hole depth can be obtained. For size small deep Kong Yi by laser irradiation for many times, with a short focal length lens drilling (15 ~ 30 mm).

(3) improve the laser machining hole roundness laser mode using the base mould processing, focusing lens with aplanatic lens, lens and optical axis and the laser beam axis coincidence, artifacts for deviating from the focal point and select the appropriate laser energy can improve the processing and roundness.

(4) the lower punch taper Usually taper hole increases with the aperture ratio, using the appropriate laser output energy or small light for many times, the shorter the focal length, the small lens refractive index and decreases the Angle between the incident ray and the axis measures can reduce hole taper.

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