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Laser Cutter machine

Product description:Plasma Cutter, This series of plasma cutting machines, absorbing the latest engineering technics of the world, meeting the newest demands from the market. We use the plasma generators, in brands of Japan Panasonic & America Hypertherm. This series get six models, each containing a Host Controlling System fitted with an adaptive software system. The whole electric controlling is under the orders of computing. The Special jacking software for cutting are the China FastCAM's General Sheet Material Cutting Jacking System and Peculiar-shaped Duct Feeding Jacking software. Keywords: duct connector tube pipe forming making equipment machine manufacturing hvac ductmate flange forming tubeformer ductformer machinery ductconnector laser cutter cutting hvac ducting spiral insulation duct connections roll purlin forming lock forming pittsburgh seamer machine tdc 20 tdc 30 tdf 12.

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