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Hydraulic Riveting Machine

Product description:ATM-07 Riveting Machine 1. Pressure, 8ton 2. Punch Distance, 40mm 3. Riveting Distance, 20mm 4. Hydraulic Pressure, 100KGF 5. Riveting size square hole 8*5mm 6. Max thickness of sheet material, 2mm+2mm 7. Power 380v, 3 phase, 50hz 1. This machine with rivet moulds, by hydraulic driver only, but by electronic control, with switch. 2. We supply three sets of moulds with the machine mould life 50,000 to 100,000 times. 3.This machine mainly use for HVAC sheet connection, it more easy and quick. And it do not mangle the sheet. Keywords: duct connector tube pipe forming making equipment machine manufacturing hvac ductmate flange forming tubeformer ductformer machinery ductconnector laser cutter cutting hvac ducting spiral insulation duct connections roll purlin forming lock forming pittsburgh seamer machine tdc 20 tdc 30 tdf 12.

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