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Shanghai Metal Forming Machine Co.,Ltd. focuses on the design and manufacturing of equipments and facilities for the forming of metal tubing and rolling. Located in China's biggest business center-Shnghai. we have been concentrating in the related industries since 2007.

In China and other countries, duct connector and tube connector are now popularly used in air-condition industry, which makes it more useful for tube and pipe forming / making equipment and machine for manufacturing tubes and ducts. 
Tubeformer and ductformer machinery made by Shanghai Metal Forming Co. Ltd., concentrate on ductconnector making / tube making and duct making. Meanwhile the laser cutter or cutting machine is the future direction of us. HVAC needs ducting structures like spiral insulation / duct connections / ductmate / flange forming / roll purlin forming / lock forming and pittsburgh seamer and so on.

We sell our products directly to our customers based on their requirements and specifications, and provide a wide range of products containing engineering consulting.

Our line of tube forming equipment includes machinery for tube forming, elbow forming, Automatic sheet metal feeding, and metal rolling. We also offer many custom machines which meet customers' special demands in special process for the special function of their special products.

Having IS0 9001:2000certification is another indication of our commitment to producing quality products and services to our customers. SGS supplier and CE Certification make us more trustworthy for the customers.
You can contact us anytime, we will provide free technical training and perfect after-sale service to all customers and enjoy growing together with customers!

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